IT Services
Manya Innovative, fast emerging and  focused on delivering the best and most cost-effective solutions to our clients in areas such as e-finance, e-business, healthcare, and media. We provide Customized software development and maintenance services  for companies ranging from  MNC’s  to promising start-ups Combining proven expertise in technology, and domain expertise, Manya delivers a range of  IT services that includes Custom Application / Software Development Outsourcing,  website development, Web Application Development, mobile application development , application integration, Multimedia , Hardware /Networking Solutions and Corporate Training.  Manya has very strong expertise in all domains of Information Technology.
Manya is a well established with Professionals delivering quality products and maintenance. Wherever you are located, Manya’s Service can help you build robust IT Solutions Our vision that offers and delivers on the following promises:

  • » Standard Quality.
  • » Ability to analyze the system requirements.
  • » Project Deliverables on Client Time lines.
  • » Complete Customer Satisfaction.
  • » Economic  Maintenance.

Harnessing IT Outsourcing requires focused proficiency, which exists in plenitude at Manya. We deliver high quality Software / Hardware / Multimedia Technology Outsourcing to complex business problem with our innovative & highly professional methodologies. We have established our self as a significant contributor to the IT revolution with an exhaustive portfolio built upon excellence in the field of IT Services and IT Consulting.

Multimedia Solutions
Multimedia has become one of the driving Force and latest Trend for promoting and presenting Organisations, Education Sectors and Others . The Technology not only Guarantees Output ,but Quality which is the most important aspect for any Sectors. It is also one of the easiest and professional way of communicating to the audience .
We at Manya implement all type of marketing and advertising tools, from concept to delivery. Interactive multimedia presentations including sound, video and animation, provide an innovative and dynamic way of presenting your company, your services and products.
Multimedia presentations can be deployed on CD-ROM, Intranets, Extranets or the Internet. We specialize in interactive multimedia projects. We are proud to keep our standard of quality and customer friendly services. Our work has launched and transformed brands, enhanced sales, renewed focus, revitalized workforces, increased productivity, and built clients' profit lines.
Manya Team experts transform your needs, whether they’re interactive ,Corporate Presentations, Custom Multimedia Application Development , product showrooms, special promotions, animated presentations, product demos, software demos, sales tools, conference seminars, conference proceedings, catalogs, manuals, annual reports, 3D entertainment or any other application, into dynamic interactive multimedia that produces exceptional results and recognition .

Content Development
ContentDevelopmentIn Present Market Scenario , Why It is not  happening ?  Provided you have an excellent website, dramatic Flash animations, world class advertising campaigns but still no business conversions. One of the crucial factors that come into play here is “Content Development.” It is content that promotes the relevance of your products and services to your customers or targeted customers projecting a positive image. Content-rich websites that are customer focused, creative, effective, easy to read and innovative in their approach retain visitors and convert them to customers.

The success of your on line business depends on the effective content that would not only bring the targeted traffic to your site but also make it a popular site. According to a research conducted by leading Market Research Organizations worldwide, 72% of Online satisfaction is attributed to the quality of  content. The same research also concluded that 98% of satisfied users end up recommending the websites they liked to others, making word-of-mouth to be more important than search engine rankings to increase your traffic.

Manya, has a team of dedicated, professional and experienced content writers. Whether you want keyword rich, quality content for your websites or informative articles for your on line encyclopedia, our team of content writers can make a value-added contribution to your business and make it Bloom and be at Competitive Edge.

Technical Writing

technical writingOrganizations Developing Products need to effectively communicate to the targeted audience about their products and technology. It is essential to disseminate information about the products features and benefits to prospective buyers and existing clients.
To do this organizations have to create a technical document, Presentation and Manuals that is meaningful, readable, accurate, and helpful to its targeted audience. To get the desired results after presentation, it is important that the information communicated is credible. Well presented and well written information about the product , Service and technology is as important as the product itself and this can be achieved by Outsourcing the Activity to Professionals.
Professional technical writers understand product information, product technology and effectively present it in an organized, simple, and lucid manner to the targeted audience.
Today, most smart organizations Outsource Technical Writing Activities, It is preferable than hiring technical writers, as organizations not only save on human resources but can leverage the investments, human resources, technologies.
Manya , has a fully equipped setup and Professionals with latest Tools Skills to handle the most complex projects. and reproducing the same in simple organized and lucid manner. Our Team Can be Deployed Onsite or Offsite for your Service Needs.

Promotional Activities
The Goal of marketing is to Stand Out Deliver and be noticed. Good marketing keeps drawing your customers' attention to your products and services.
Product and service promotion is the most common form of marketing.
Promotional activities can include:
» Advertising
» personal selling or telemarketing
» publicity
» short-term sales promotions
» direct marketing
» Online marketing
» Event Management
If you are looking for product promotion services, product marketing services or any other type of services marketing, you have come to the right place. At Manya, we are passionate about providing unique, Technology and innovate marketing opportunities at a time when many brands are struggling to get the attention they deserve. Our Service will definitely be benefited to cater your Needs and achieve Your Goal.

Campus Hiring
Today more and more Organisations are concentrating on developing their talent pool by picking up young talent through campus recruitment. However, with the limited bandwidth and resources , the Organisations cannot concentrate and do not have the opportunity to explore too many institutions- limiting the probability of getting a larger, more qualitative talent pool at lesser cost.
At Manya our endeavor is to represent your Organisation through campus recruitment programs at various quality institutions and provide you with the best talent pool available, suiting your professional requirements. Our role is not limited to hiring the fresh candidates through campus recruitment but to ensure that these candidates have a smooth sailing, we act as counselors to them - assisting them in induction, hand holding them for initial 3 months, getting their feedback, resolving their queries and addressing their apprehensions - to make them work at ease. 
As part of the campus recruitment program, we also facilitate in strengthening the Campus–Corporate relationship by undertaking various initiatives and ensure that the “employability” of the students is increased, which eventually results in low on boarding costs in terms of time, money and effort!


Manpower Staffing is assuming great importance in the human resource strategy of every company today. Any Organisation that is equipped with quality and dedicated staff has a greater chance of surviving and succeeding in the long run.
Manya, helps with permanent and temporary staffing needs by providing access to our diverse pool of highly talented and experienced professionals to meet the strategic and long term requirements of Organizations. 
Manpower must be planned according to the requirements of each job in the light of its emerging trends and challenges. When manpower placed penetrates through the challenges and achieve the Organizational goals, it is presumed that "the right person is placed in the right job". 
Our highly qualified team of consultants helps you to get the right person for your requirement so as to control the attrition rate and achieve Prospective Organizational goals.

Background Verification
The Need arises for the right executive hired for the right position is crucial for businesses to stay spirited. The fallout of hiring the incorrect person could be terrible and Business Loss. Further Looking at the senior and managerial level, incorrect hiring directly impacts development costs, Loss of customer confidence; market status and team performance. The capability, reliability and sincerity of employees can only be measured by a methodical authentication of the applicant’s claims and statements.
Addressing the authenticity of curriculum vitae’s, Manya’s Team undertakes a thorough check on every aspect of professional employment including designation, period of employment, reason for leaving and other details as required by the Client . Physical authentication is obtained from the Human Resource Department or the corresponding verifying authority of the company. Employment history verification is essential for many reasons. Job applicants may lie on their resume to cover up previous employment problems, Criminal and illegal activities.
You are morally obliged to make as sure as you possibly can that your employees and the company in general are not harmed through your employment of an unsuitable candidate with bad and False Remarks.

ISO Certification
ISO certification is beneficial for any Organisation to improve the Product quality so as to satisfy the customer requirement with respective product, to achieve International Quality Recognition and to get more revenue and Business from New Clients Globally.
An identity Certificate is received by company when it gets ISO certifications as it brings more public reliability, and follows Quality Standards Implementation Cycle. There are various benefits, which make it necessary for all concerns. 
We at Manya, help our clients in getting Quality Assurance Certificates. Our major focus during the certification lies on ethical measurement, analysis and improvement. Assisted by a team of experienced personnel, we aim at building a company's future through profitable operations, innovations and new business opportunities. Our Senior ISO standards certification consultants provide world class consulting services for getting ISO Certification standards. We cater our quality management services to our clients into different industries and Domains.

Financial Audits
Financial audit is the critical analysis of a business's financial records and documentations. The purpose of the statutory or financial statement audit is to enhance the degree of confidence of intended users of the financial statements as to whether the financial statements are prepared in accordance with an applicable financial reporting framework. 
Financial audits allow a company's management to have a creditable picture of the company's financial landscape. 
Financial Audit Outsourcing is a flexible solution for Organisations, which can deliver enhanced independence, increased value at reduced cost and access to specialized skills. Manya’s professional Service posses industry knowledge and access to global internal audit resources, combined with our risk-based internal audit methodology, enables us to help firms robustly assess their control environment. We work with clients to highlight areas of risk in the business, develop ongoing audit plans, audit programmes and long-term control testing plans, and work to improve operational efficiency. 
We at Manya, aim to add value to your business by providing you with a professional, proactive & flexible audit service that is tailored to meet your needs now & in the future.
Some of the audit and assurance services we provide include:
» audits of financial statements
» internal audits
» systems and controls reviews
» agreed upon procedure reports.

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